Day 2 – Matthew 1:18-25

Matthew 1:18-25

In this passage, Joseph finds out Mary is pregnant and is wondering what to do.

  • I was thinking about how it takes God to reveal to us was is inside of other people, and even ourselves.  Joseph knew her, but still needed God to show him the truth about Mary and the pregnancy.
  • Some would squash dreams/visions/calls in the name of God, saying they know it isn’t right for us, others will outright reject us – but I love how in this story God didn’t go around telling all the town’s people, God told Joseph and only Joseph, because, Joseph would be her partner. He would provide. He would keep her safe.  Joseph was to be directly involved in the birthing and raising of this “call” on Mary’s life.  Not everyone will understand or back what we are pregnant with for the Lord, but the God assigned one(s) will.

Joseph and Mary


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