Day 1 – Isaiah 53

Hi all,

How would you like to go on a little journey with me?  A 30 day journey, actually, to refresh ourselves in the Lord Jesus.

I’ve been stretched too thin lately; feeling worn out in pretty much every way. Today I put in a CD I thought was music; however, instead of music I heard a sermon. One which I was meant to hear.  In the sermon was a suggestion directed to the weary, to take 30 days and read the Word to refresh themselves.

I googled a suggested reading plan for “refreshing” and found one which specifically deals with scripture about Jesus aimed at refreshing ourselves in Him.

So, as I sat down tonight and read through the first day scripture, I thought of sharing it with you all.  I’ll just share some thoughts I had about the verses and would love to hear what you get from them as well, if you want to participate.

God Bless and I pray we are refreshed 🙂

Isaiah 53

  • In my bible, this chapter has a heading caption which reads: “The death of Christ as the Substitute for sinners – this is the crowing point of Christ’s ministry as the Servant of God”

Something that jumped out at me “crowning point” – it holds true even today in us as Christ lives through us – death to self is our crowning point as well. We don’t earn crowns for living for ourselves. We earn crowns by letting Christ live through us, which is to die to self. All we go through in this life is to benefit those who would come to know Christ through us – just as all Christ went through was for all of us who would come through Him to God.

  • Also in my bible there is a small section at the bottom which breaks out meanings and provides explanations – within this section on Christ’s Suffering (53:1-5) v. 7-8 are referred to as: “The Silence of Christ”

Wow, this caught my heart and attention. Christ’s silence is something I’ve often thought about. What He didn’t say throughout scripture might be just as profound as what He did say.  Consider the millions of words we speak daily. But, Jesus only said what He heard the Father say.  He never spoke a wasted word.  I don’t even read where He carried on idle chit-chat. What He said had purpose. His words were not about Self, because His life was not about Self.

  • v. 4-5 – “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.  But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”
“he hath borne” – already done
“he was wounded” – already done
“he was bruised” – already done
“was upon him” – already done
“with his stripes” – already done
Our griefs, sorrows, transgressions, iniquities, sickness – already removed from us. Accepting Jesus into our hearts – we become new.  In the sermon, Dr. Rebecca Polis said, We are the healed of the Lord – we aren’t the sick trying to get well, we are the well!
We are the redeemed, we are set free, forgiven and accepted.  All people are forgiven and accepted through Jesus Christ – they just might not know it because they don’t know Him.
Thinking of Christmas: Jesus in our hearts is a gift – He will either remain a un-opened gift to you or You can open up and welcome Him into your heart to receive all He has for you.  Jesus is the only gift that we won’t lose.
 What did you receive from Is. 53?

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