A success story in Jesus – so often people tell me “convicts” won’t change – I’m glad to see a man who is changed by God and helping others. Never write people off, never say never over someone’s life.

Glenn Langohr's Stunning Memoirs-- of Life in Prison- In Print, Kindle and Audio Book

Glenn Langohr’s complete list of drug war and prison books in print, kindle and audio book

Who Are The Real Criminals? By Glenn Langohr 

I got the chance to speak to some kids on probation in Santa Ana yesterday. My sobriety sponsor Phillip Doran has been doing it for a year now and I went with him for the first time. Phillip Doran is a writer and used to be a Producer of many TV shows so it was a God send to meet him and have him take me through the 12 steps of A.A. After working the steps he has also read and reviewed all of my prison books and helped me see how to market them. I got to share all of this with the kids on probation and a lot more. That God loves them. That if they stay sober, their life will get better, eventually…

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