Jesus walked on water, He walked the Cross all the way up to Calvary, He walked into each town, He walked to every point of God’s purpose – but it was the people who flocked to Him once He arrived.

Have you walked into a Subway and heard a song about the Cross?
Have you seen a neighbor helping a single mother or senior repair their house, fix a leaking pipe, or shovel their walk in the winter?
Have you heard of a rescue worker holding the hand of someone stuck and injured inside a wrecked car and praying with them?
Have you heard the stories of brave people stepping in to rescue and help others after Sandy hit?

Today, right now, Jesus still walks into our towns, our states, our country, and our lives – but this time around He uses the voices, feet and hands of faithful followers, and of people willing. He’s in every act of genuine love, He’s in every brave rescue, He’s in every kind selfless deed…He’s in our midst.

There is nowhere He wouldn’t walk to reach you.
He has just walked into your midst.
Next step is yours.


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