Right Decision – by Poet Kaylynté

The poem Right Decision is an amazing accompaniment to a post (Seen Below)  I wrote last summer: https://anedrow.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/prison-diaries-that-day/.  I filed this under my Prison Diaries section, and ended up reading it to the guys at the prison one Sunday.  The following Sunday, one of the men came to me and said he knew God had heard his prayers because of what I wrote.  Teary but smiling, he said he kept praying those same feelings and words to God, the guilt, the shame, the desperation to take back what he had done. But now he knew God heard him.

We all do things we regret, some more serious than others, but we all need God’s forgiveness and the encouragement of others.

That Day

started like any other

ugly turns come quickly

Where did I go wrong? When did I become able to do that?

guilt rips at my gut

shame…I can’t feel clean

shatters me to pieces

Desperation…if only I could take it back…please!

Please let me take it back…I can see that moment, it’s so close

Please let me change what I did…

“I take it back”

“I take it back”

“I take it back”    screams thru me

would anyone care

it doesn’t change it

I can’t change it

I can’t take it back

But how do I live with it

What do I do?

The day ends

unspeakably different


2 thoughts on “Right Decision – by Poet Kaylynté

  1. This poem contains powerful emotions. The meaning is sad, but you’ve done amazing job expressing the situation. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I admit poetry is not something I write typically, but this flood of feeling is what poured out after witnessing the Walmart incident. How he was destroyed in the spirit seemed to cause the Holy Spirit to pour this thru me. Thank you so much for stoppong by, letting me share your poem and reading the post.God Bless

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