The Waste

A story of true adoration.

A woman overcome by her Savior, His love and acceptance of her just as she was; risked her life to adore Him. It was called a waste.


O man, he is sitting right there! The room is packed and I don’t belong here. I know their looks, I’ve felt the pain of them before. It’s no secret what they say about me, or what they will do to me, but I can’t help myself…He forgave me! Me, and all I’ve done! He loves me! I felt it.
Squeezing by, hugging the jar tight to my side, praying it won’t break before I can reach him…I can’t believe I made it, my hands and legs shaking, I can’t believe I’m near to him…falling at his feet… “They stone women for this”, “I know what I felt was real”, “Am I crazy?” “How can I do this in front of all these people, what will they think?” “His love is like no other” all swirl around my mind, fear making me nauseous. I hold on to his feet like a lifeline. It’s all I can do, cry and hold on to him. I don’t want to let go. I can’t let go. Why would I let go? He is everything to me! I sop up my tears covering his feet, with my hair, cleaning the dust from his feet…those precious feet, that walked into my life. That carried this man, this Messiah, into my life. It took every penny I have, every penny I’m ashamed I earned, to buy this perfume…but I break it for Him, I shatter it – and with it, my past and my future, for I will never be the same.


He is worthy of our pouring out, of our shattering; all we hold dear is nothing compared to holding Him.  Two woman in the Bible pressed thru intentionally,  determined, to touch Jesus…we can too.


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