The Fowler’s Snare – Revisited

Something the Lord has been nudging me to do is to repost “The Fowler’s Snare”.  I’m sure He has a reason, so let’s look at this again.  I’m going to tweak and learn as I go – what new thing God might have in this message.

 This spring, at Women of Valor, we all received our wings, and this certainly has been a year of learning, growing, and going.  The dream I shared in the original post about a familiar office I worked in previously – is still unfolding and I am still seeing it active in what God is doing.  In this season of being given my wings I was also given a partner in my ministry, which is a meaning of the 70/72 represented in the dream.  Well, as soon as God starts moving to empower us the enemy sees the power and reacts.  The fowler’s snare is about soaring (in using our gifts), knowing the tactics of the enemy (who is against the use of the gifts), making us ready in wisdom and knowledge.

In Ps. 91 – this time around, I see being with Jesus as being high and lifted up off the ground of this life.  When we remain in Christ (which is: staying in the Word, prayer, and intimate relationship with Him) we stay seated with Him in the heavenlies.

Remaining and dwelling in Christ affords us all we need to walk this life in victory.  How do you read and interpret this sentence?

To remain and dwell in Christ is be given warnings and strategy ahead of the attack, it doesn’t keep away every attempt of the fowlers.

To remain and dwell in Christ is to be shielded and protected – when the attacks/hardships/troubles come.

To remain in Christ is to be given strength for the weaknesses we have.

Some might read this sentence as a blanket statement for a perfect life, believing it should be trouble-free with all hardships averted.  And then we become mad with God when the troubles come.  God hasn’t taken all the troubles away from this life, But He did make a way for us to have all we need for victory throughout our life.  By real abiding intimate relationship with Jesus, given by God to be our refuge.

(Ps. 91)  To be under His Wing is intimacy with Him.  If you are under the arm of someone you love, you are close…you are intimate with that person.  Under their arm, you are near their heart.  You have special access to their heart.  You hold a place of importance to them.

The nearness of Jesus’ heart – do we know the beat?  Are we close enough to hear it?  Do we know the intention of His heart toward us?  It’s only in the not knowing of these things we have fear.

The fowler’s in this life will make their attempts, as I listed out in the original post, but not one will succeed as we stay in Christ.  Because…“no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD.”  Isaiah 54:17


2 thoughts on “The Fowler’s Snare – Revisited

  1. Hey Amy,
    Great post today on the fowlers snare. My upcoming post is also on Psalm 91…guess the Lord wants us all to revisit this wonderful psalm of promises through all the seasons of life.
    By the way, the scripture you weapon formed against you will prevail…would you believe a friend wrote an email last night and left that scripture God had given her for me…Woo Hoo we serve a Mighty God who is doing awesome things. love you, Glenda

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