Metal Detecting History – Getting The Picture

Well, the things I’ve found, so far, paint the same picture we’ve already known about settlers. Use of hand forged tools, use of plow horses, and they shot stuff… A Lot.    And also, my yard is where nails go to get lost. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Metal Detecting History – Getting The Picture

  1. Hi Amy, keep up the good work! You are building up a jigsaw puzzle with some nice finds, each piece adds a little bit more to the history of who lived there. Don’t be discouraged by all the nails, this is normal – the special finds will come eventually. The dagger shaped object in the top right photo intrigues me, that’s nice! Regards to all.

  2. Thank you! It’s really fun, especially when my spade clangs on a big metal object. The fun of seeing what it is as I uncover it. Have lots more yard to cover, but have taken a break from the heat.
    The dagger shaped object: I think it is related to fencing
    It is pretty heavy, and the bottom has a hook like shape to it.

    The terra cotta pottery pieces were interesting. They are thin like a plate, not the like plant containers we see today. And it was pretty deep. I ran into those while digging out the scissors. These I found against the wood line that runs alongside the graveyard next to my house.

    1. Thank you Dad! I called cousin Jimmy and Ruthanne said he would surely know the bullets! He is still reloading bullets she said. He’ll be calling me.

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