Flowers: Taking a Closer Look 1

I have been fascinated with flowers this year. These photos are all extreme close-ups of simple yard flowers, wild flowers, or planter flowers. Do we take time to smell the flowers?  Do we take time to take a closer look at what is around us?

Seems that flowers are something we walk on or over, and overlook daily, but the beauty to be found in looking closer is dazzling. 1 Kings 6:29 On the walls all around the temple, in both the inner and outer rooms, he carved cherubim, palm trees and open flowers.

The vibrant colors only came popping out when I zoomed in and flashed. This flower has purple petals and a black center – it is the center that you see here below.

The yellow sponge like centers on these flowers were practically flourescent as the sun shone on them.

To look at this you’d see a weed plant with a darkish color ball on top. But the darkish color ball is actually made up of these little purple flowers. They smell amazing. How could anything this unique and intricate pop out of nothing? How can we not see our Creator God at work in this?Luke 12:27a “Consider how the wild flowers grow.”


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