Prison Diaries – The Fields Are White

Hi all, I know I haven’t written for a while. I’m sorry about that, and pray I will be able to write again soon. For now, the following is an article from my Jail & Prison Course.  I wanted to share it, because it is a great insight into what it is like when you visit Medium – High Max prisons, which is more my experience.

The descriptions of each of these women really shows the depths of darkness we can find ourselves in, but God knows no bounds to reaching His Children! He will save us no matter where we are!  Know also, He doesn’t see us with the labels man would attach to us…He sees His child, period. All these ladies listed, all the people currently incarcerated are all people He loves beyond measure.  Every one of them are people He sent Jesus to die and be resurrected to save! God’s resurrection power is still active today in prisons, on the streets, and in the deepest darkest places of need.

A Journey To The Harvest Field
The Approach: You can see the lights from ten miles away, illumined against the western backdrop of a glorious
sunset. The road we travel is lined on one side with fig, peach, and nut trees which are now yielding their rich
annual harvest. On the other side of the road the combines are harvesting hay. B ut ahead of us . . . where the lights
burn in the distance . . . is the greatest harvest.
The Entry: As we drive onto the prison grounds, we first pass a guard post with numerous warning signs:
-You are entering a restricted area: No weapons, guns, knives, or drugs.
-You are required to consent for search of your person and belongings.
-You are entering an area with known AIDS infection.
-In the event of a prison riot, we have a policy of non-negotiation for hostages.
First we enter the visitors center. There we must remove all jewelry, any items in our pockets, our belts, and
watches. A search is made of our Bible and book bag and we pass through the metal detector. We are then logged
in, given a badge, and our arms are stamped with an ultraviolet identification code. We exit the visitors center to a
small cubicle and wait for the large gate to slide open. W hen it does, we step inside another small cubicle. The
gate behind us clangs shut with a loud crash, then the gate in front of us opens and we proceed on to the control
center. At the control center, we ring the outside bell. The gate is opened, closes behind us, our identification is
checked, and another large door opens. At last . . . we are inside the main yard of the prison facility. We are
surrounded by tall fences topped with razor wire. We cross the grounds to a small room on the east end where the
harvest awaits.
The Harvest: Simple wooden chairs fill a plain, rectangular room. There are no stained glass windows, no
carpet, or comfortable pews. But the room is packed with the harvest of human lives. Women fill the chairs, line
the walls, and sit on the floor.
-Let us introduce you first to AG, who is serving 15 to life for killing a drug pusher. Her life has been
miraculously changed by the power of God. She is personally responsible for many other “lifers” who fill the
classroom. They came to have their own lives changed when they saw the difference in her life.
-SK was a teacher until that fateful night when she drank too much, got into her car, and struck and killed a
pedestrian. SK is now a born-again Christian.
-DL came from a background of Satanic worship. She was a high priestess in the church of Satan. As a child, she
was abused by her step-father and had her first child at age 12. Serving time for kidnaping and drug related
offenses, she bas been saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and obtained her college degree from a Christian
university while incarcerated.
-AM came from drugs and prostitution. She never completed anything in her life that she started until she finished
a course in the prison Bible college. She is paroling tomorrow, and tonight she stands with radiant face to give
glory to God. She walked in these gates alone. She walks out with God
We wish we had time to introduce you to each o ne of the students. They are former thieves, addicts, embezzlers,
prostitutes, and murderers. What education, rehabilitation, and counseling could not do, the power of the Gospel
has done. As we minister the W ord of God, you will see tears of repentance. You will hear voices lifted in praise
to God. You may even see dancing and shouting before the Lord. Although they are still behind bars and rows of
razor wire fences, these women have found freedom in Jesus Christ. This is the true harvest.


2 thoughts on “Prison Diaries – The Fields Are White

  1. Wow Amy! Such an excellent post. You put me right there with you and these women. I was unaware you had been to a women’s prison. Is there one around here? When did you go?

    1. Hi Glenda! No, I did not write the article included in this post. I wrote only the introduction portion. And yes, the author does a fabulous job of describing the many steps involved in entering a High-Max prison, which is why I wanted to share this article.
      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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