The Way

I just watched a movie called: “The Way”, about a father who hikes the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in the Pyrenees for his son who died after just starting this pilgrimage. I was overcome with being able to identify with the journey. No, not because I’ve walked the 500 mile route, but because I’ve walked out what seems like just as long a journey, with all its ups and downs, in the plan God has for me. I’m sure some of you can relate too.
In the movie, all along the way, the question: “why did you take this pilgrimage?” keeps being asked of each person. I know on my journey there have been many along the way who asked me why I took this road.

I wonder at how we answer the question of why are we on this journey when we don’t know the destination. In the movie, the answers didn’t come easy. They each had a need, deeper than could be articulated. The reasons they spoke of where really only shadows of the real needs.

When God calls us to walk out a plan, it’s like a pilgrimage; the road gets long and tiring, and there are more questions than answers. The trip will answer some, but it seems to me it’s when we make it to the destination that we understand the why.

Because only the Lord knows our deepest needs, and only He knows the road to put us on which will take us to the destination that will answer the need.

Something else I noticed, is at first there are many pilgrims along the path and filling the inns each night, but the longer they walk, the farther they go, the fewer pilgrims there are. I almost missed it, but it seems many don’t make it all the way.

Isn’t it the same for us? The miles before us stretch on forever with no end in sight. Weary, tired, and hurting we stop.

When the movie ended, I had such a strong need to pile up a few stones outside at the edge of my yard. To mark my journey, to remember the deeds of the Lord (Ps.77:11-12), to set a memorial of all that was answered in the journey…I also felt the need to share this word with you, my fellow pilgrim, whoever you might be…
For the weary, the tired, and the hurting:

  • From Genesis to Acts, God repeats: “I am with thee”. He is with thee pilgrim, all along your path, however long it may be, He will never leave thee.
  • Journey’s do end, and new beginnings are right around the corner, make the most of the trip.

3 thoughts on “The Way

  1. Amy,
    I was so blessed by your post. Sounds like a wonderful movie I would like to see. You did such a good job in reviewing the movie and relating it to the Christian pilgrimage. Thanks for sharing

  2. Reblogged this on Glenda and commented:
    Amy Nedrow joins me as my guest blogger today! I met Amy just over a year ago…. One of those heart to heart connects I so treasure. I’ve watched Amy walk out her journey of faith in the year and a half she was unemployed. Now back to work, Amy loves her new job. She actually is getting paid to write! How sweet is that?
    I’m also grateful God brought Amy into my life to encourage me to start blogging just a little over a year ago. Thank you Amy for the treasure of your love and friendship…. Thank you for living a life of strong faith in the midst of waiting on the Lord for His plan.

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