Metal Detecting History – Finds So Far

Well, it has been fun, and the anticipation to find something really special is building. I haven’t even checked half of the land yet.

The newest objects found are:
A paper 16 gage shell top, which my dad says they stopped making after the 20’s
And the large pointed tool looking thing. Not sure if it was part of something bigger or if it is a tool head of some kind.

The small cup-shaped piece is another noggin scratcher. (bottom right)

Amazing how many nails are out there.



2 thoughts on “Metal Detecting History – Finds So Far

  1. Great stuff Amy, your doing very well. Yes, there are a lot of nails out there and it seems to be universal, many other detectorists also find nails and loads of other items too that cannot be identified. I have a fascination with everything I find as you do, its a wonderful window into the past. Even though one may not be able to identify some items, one still feels that special connection to those who owned or used them. I am looking forward to your next finds, keep up the good work and I’m confident you will find something special soon. Kind regards and take care, supernova.

    1. Thank you! I am happy to report that the pointed tool thing is 1800’s, riveted, and hand forged metal. Looks to be part of plow rigging possibly.
      Thank you again for stopping by 🙂

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