Food: The Stomach god Pt.2

I have yet to shake the topic of food, and that food is a god in this country. Scriptures still surface about it, and I still hear Holy Spirit whisper and point to new verses…connecting them. So, it doesn’t surprise me I’m back to another food post.

I went back to Matthew 6:25 the other day and noticed some new things, and after a conversation this morning felt I should go ahead and share what I found.

Matt.6:25, starts a section of scripture sometimes labeled: “Do Not Worry”, depending on the translation you are using. I find a lot of comfort in this section. I keep going back to it, especially in this season of unemployment, to still the whispers of worry and doubt with the Truth of God… He will supply my needs, He does know I have needs, and I am valuable to Him…

Ok, so this is the new stuff I found:
1. I noticed: “Therefore” at the beginning of v.25 – when we see this word we need to ask “what’s it there for?” The reason for what is said next is found prior to “therefore”. Back up a verse or two to see the ‘Why’ of what’s said next.

Ok, so in v.25 Jesus is telling his disciples (You and Me): “Therefore, I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?”

Why did Jesus say that? Go back to: v.24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

• “Take No” in v.25 means: God forbid, deny categorically, deny even the thought of
• “Thought” in v.25 is a verb, which implies action.

Are our actions all about seeking first His Kingdom, or about our life, food, drink or clothes? Seeking after those things have no eternal value. Filling our stomachs only satisfies for a short while, if at all. When it comes to true soul deep satisfaction, only God fills that void.

Thinking on, living for, what we will eat, or what we will drink, or what clothes we will have is to serve the god of mammon, not God. Mammon is: what we put trust in, our treasure. It is what we treasure, what we consider of so much worth that we devote all our time, thought, and energy into it.

Food used to be that in my life! My thoughts were always on food, my cravings dictated what I ate, and I would spend time thinking of food, desiring food, even went out of my way to buy foods I wanted.

2. I noticed that when reading this previously I would read it & look at eating and drinking as the definition of “your life”, probably because to me food was life, but actually they are 3 individual things according to how it’s written, not one thing with two definitions.

Our life is a broad range of things! What we will do, where we will go in life, our safety, our provision, our needs, and our wants…etc.

So, to paraphrase what Jesus was actually saying in the verse according to Greek definitions: “You can’t serve two masters! Mammon is all about what you trust more than me, what you treasure more than me! I say “God Forbid” your life, food and clothes come before Me! I say unto you to deny even the thought of these things, categorically deny that these things are greater than Me! I say unto you, seek Me, not all these things!”  He’s’ pretty serious about this!

In the rest of chpt.6 He makes it clear that He will provide! He’s not asking us stop thinking about food, water, and clothes so we will die naked and hungry! But really that is the fear in our mind, I’ll expose it right now, that if we don’t worry about these things, who will, it’s up to us to meet our needs. That’s a lie!

Matt. 6 goes on to show God’s provision is there for us! He reaffirming the points made above, and affirms that if we: “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” v.33

In v.32 He yet again affirms His understanding of our needs…He knows we need food, He knows that we are but dust and how we are formed to know what our life needs to be maintained – He created us! He knows we need clothes! To worry about having these things is to trust more in ourselves to provide them than His ability to provide them. It is to put these things ahead of Him in our life.

I was mulling that thought over on my walk yesterday and it’s crazy how we live life. Talk about deception, to think that I could provide for myself better than God? To think it’s up to me to provide anything for my life is distorted thinking, because ultimately I have control of Zip, Zero, Natta! And He knows it is a scary thing to think we are not in control of our next breath, or putting food on the table, or paying our mortgages…so He shows us that we can trust Him, and when we put our time and effort into seeking Him first, He is The Power of Provision!

Just like the birds in v.26, or the lilies in v.28, I’m not in control, but to seek Him first is to be in tight with the One who is! And He not only wants us to be confident in His control, but He wants us to know our value to Him! That we are worth so much more than birds and lilies, and we can trust and treasure His Love for us! He died for us; He won’t fail to feed us, or clothe us, or keep a roof over our heads!

He is the Power of Provision, He loves us, He will provide, but we must put Him first!

To dig out more truth for yourself check out:


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