Crafted Prayers

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing for several weeks. It just doesn’t seem to be on God’s agenda for me right now, but this is something I believe He ok’d me to share.

We all know that there is much power in The Word of God, and that there is power in the written word, and  that there is power in prayer – but how often do we put that all together?

A few resources:

  • A book: Crafted Prayer, by Graham Cooke, inspired me to listen to God for what to pray rather than do all the talking. All too often start rapid firing prayers off to God with our demands of Him.. our requirements of His power to do our will – calling it His, that we never ask: “What is Your will?” “What do you want me to pray?”
  • Jerry Savelle… The Prayer of Petition: you could try to google that for more info, but here is a sample prayer:
  • Book: Experiencing Healing Prayer, by Rick Richardson – I love this teaching, because it is about helping others hear God for themselves. To prayerfully lead someone to God so that they can hear what God would say about their situation, to let God do the healing, and thus removing me/us from being their source or the go-between for them to get to God.  He refers to this as Listening prayer – we listen to God, then pray what He says.

You will see results when you pray His Will.

An example prayer: the topic, the scripture reference so you know where I’m at in the Word, “and others” means I will throw in other verses as well as song references.

Intimacy – Ps.116, (and others)
“Father, I love you!
Not just because You hear me, not just because You know my needs, but because You incline Your ear unto me! I know You love me. I know You care for my needs because of Your Great Unending Love for me. That You, Maker of Heaven and Earth, would lean toward me to hear my little words, to hear my heart, to know my mind isn’t something I understand, but moves me to adore You.
Father, you are Gracious, you are Righteous, You are merciful – do I even understand this? Do I even comprehend your Greatness? How could I Father when there is no end to it, but I long to know you, to feel your presence, to lay my head on your heart and feel your nearness. The nearness of You is my delight! The overwhelming love that floods my heart how could I express, your peace really does pass all understanding, and the joy…o, the joy…I know my spirit is twirling and flying. In Your love You have drawn near to me, the joy of it I cannot contain.
Thank you Father for drawing me away to be with you, for setting aside this time with You, for wanting to have this time with me. O Father, that it would last, that I would know how to get even closer to You…greater intimacy Father is what you desire and my heart says Yes! ”

Your prayers are to be from your heart, Holy Spirit inspired, so don’t feel you need to follow the verse to the letter, include whatever the Spirit leads you to pray.

I pray this inspires you to a deeper more intimate prayer time, and infuses your prayers with fresh creativity to let your heart out to God. He so longs to hear it! He so longs to show you His heart!

Ecclesiastes 5:1-2


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