Prison Diaries – Assumptions

It was such a privilege to speak on Ps.97 last weekend at the prison. God had such an awesome message about His Judgement for the guys!

His message was this: We misunderstand and misinterpret God’s judgement to mean God is mad at us, God is out to get us, God is looking at us the way He does at sin…but that is not the way He is looking at us! In Ps. 97 it speaks to how His fire goes before Him to burn up His foes, and how the Israelites were joyful in His judgements.

Who are His foes? Most people assume/or think we are, but we (humans) are not God’s foe, (unless we’ve deliberately declared to be). The foes of God are anything that keep us from God!

How can they be joyful in God’s judgement? We can be joyful, because when He targets an area of our (self)life, it isn’t because He’s mad at us, it is because it is something that is harmful to us; keeping us from being close to Him.

He sent His only son Jesus to die for us, so that we could be close to Him. He isn’t angry at us, He loves us! He is angry at sin, addiction, chains that hold us bound up away from Him…

Picture if you will, two people who are hugging, heart to heart, you can hear and feel the heartbeat of the other person – this is the intimacy God the Father wants to have with each of us, and He will come against whatever is keeping us from intimacy with Him. We can either embrace the love He has for us and His desire to be closer, or we can fight it. I don’t recommend fighting it, and as we see His desire in this way, why would want too?

As the Psalmist wrote in Ps.139: 23 Search me, God, and know my heart;    test me and know my anxious thoughts. 24 See if there is any offensive way in me,    and lead me in the way everlasting. “ –  not as an invitation for God’s wrath, but with a desire, as a cry from his heart to let nothing stand between him and God!

That is my desire for you – let nothing stand between you and His waiting arms!

He wants to be close to you! He calls you His Child, He wants to call you His Child if you are not saved, He cares for every detail of your life, and He longs to set you free!

Love to you my friends


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