Angles, Perspectives, and Stars

I’ve been so amazed at the stars lately. They have been so clear I have been able to see so many more than I normally do, and have you noticed the two planets? Venus and Jupiter have been brightly shining lately.

As I stand looking at them I think about how these stars are the stars Jesus & the disciples looked at, and the stars David looked at while tending his father’s sheep. Isn’t that thought amazing?

I look at the blue sky with the big fluffy clouds, the flowers, and see the beauty of this world and realize that as an artist we typically create things from the angle we see it. It’s been blowing my mind that God created all this from our angle, our perspective.

John 1:1-5 makes it clear that through Jesus all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. Then Jesus came to earth, and walked in the flesh. There is never a mention in the New Testament, that I’ve seen, where Jesus speaks about what things looked like while He made them. I can’t help but think He must have looked at the stars and in His mind’s eye see how they were formed and even knew their name.

Creator God, seated in Heaven high above this universe, created this world from our angle/through our perspective. Amazing!
When I look at my jewelry, my perspective of it and knowledge of it goes straight back to the pre-existence of that piece. I know that piece before it came to be, from the thoughts of its design prior to it being made, to how it was formed, what it took to pull it together, and I know each bead and component used in what it looks like as a finished product. When I look at jewelry I see what it took to make it…what it took to transform the old piece into something new.

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit all look at us and know us that intimately; to the very fiber and components of what we are made of…even to our pre-existence, when who we’d be was just a gleam in Father’s Eye. He knows all it took to create who we are now, and He knows what it will take to transform us into something new.


2 thoughts on “Angles, Perspectives, and Stars

  1. Amy I love how you tied God’s creation with your jewelry making. so amazing that God shares his creativity with us so we can reflect Him in the gifts He gives.
    Great post! Thanks for sharing

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