Anyone with a GPS has heard this word! You take a wrong turn and suddenly the automated voice calmly states: “recalculating!” to let you know it will find you another way to reach your destination.

“I have a plan for you says the Lord, not to harm you, but to give you a future and a hope.” Jer. 29:11

God’s plan for us is not so easily navigated in this life that we can find our way without His guidance. We need His help to get wherever “there” is, so He programs our “GPS” with the final destination, but don’t freak out when you hear His Still Small Voice whisper: “recalculating”, because there are many junctures along the way where we will hear it.

• Recalculating is sometimes a question He will ask us when we’ve reached a juncture where the Lord wants to go one way and we want to go another. Will we choose Him and trust Him over our own wants, is always the question.

• Recalculating becomes a need when we’ve purposely veered off on a whole other route that wasn’t His idea for us. He will graciously recalculate our trip to get us back on course, if we allow Him.

• Recalculating can also be a need, because we’ve come to the end of one season and must change course to head into another.

• Recalculating is part of the trip, because the “trip” is changing us. The junctures are changing us, as well as the stops along the way.

Don’t fret a recalculation, just embrace the ride!


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