A Father’s Baby Book

I was in a palace, high marble type walls, red runner carpets down the middle of wide halls, with lots of people walking around. I was being asked to find something, to answer a question. I hurried past officials, and dignitaries, to His Chambers. I was there to ask Him, but there was a book in front of me…a book about me! It had my name on it, all the letters were formed by small jewels. What I read when I opened it was: Amy’s first letter “W” and Amy’s first word “Tru”.

This dream is amazing and touching for me in so many ways personally, but I’m writing about it for you! Please hear all this for yourself! Know in your knower that it is true for you too!

In heaven, in His Chambers, there is a book about every child of God! (He loves us all equally!) There is a book in Heaven with all of our names on it, which is the Lamb’s Book of Life (Rev.21:27), but there is also a book with just your name on it!

The book was made of a silk or satin like fabric, but the pages were not flimsy. For my book, the color was a pinkish/tanish mix color. I say that because I wonder if our books are as unique as He’s made each of us to be.

Written in actual jewels!
Small precious gems are formed out to write out a Father’s Book of His Child’s life. Like our earthly parents sometimes did, keeping track of our progress in the first years of life, so our Heavenly Father tracks all the little details of our life, but in its entirety. He used all the colors of gems, but Blue Topaz rectangle stones stuck out to me.

I had no doubt I could enter His Chambers to ask Him!
You are to have that same confidence and access to His Chambers to seek Him and ask Him anything! If He loves you as much as to write out your life, your first letters and words, in priceless jewels, why would you not be welcomed and wanted in His Presence?

I belonged!
The officials and dignitaries held no higher call to be there than I did! Actually, they were asking me for the answers, and I had a sense of belonging and access that they didn’t have. They were not entering in to His Chambers, but I was free to go in. We all have that same kind of access if we are a child of God! But the question is: Do you know it? He wants you to know it in your knower! He wants you to know who you are to Him, and in Him! He wants you to have confident access to Him directly!

His love for you is there; in every detail of your books structure and content, and is all around you throughout your life. He wants you to come to Him and ask anything! His banner over you is Love!

Song of Songs 2:4
“4He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.”


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