His Servant Heart

This post is a culmination of quotes and thoughts on this message by Stuart Greaves; it has brought some things together for me. So, first, to understand my post, I refer you to the message: “The Beauty of Jesus” by Stuart Greaves. It is in the right hand line up of pod casts at this link.    http://www.ihop.org/onething/

Go with me to John 12 and 13

(all quotes by Stuart Greaves)

“Everything He does, He does as a servant!”

John 13:8
“The only way He will be our King, is if we let Him be our servant.”

John 13:7 It is also true in dreams, we don’t always understand now, but we will later. I’ve read that the future tells the dream, not that the dream tells the future.

Dream: I was in a receiving line, accepting gifts from people. There was a small table, empty to my right. There was one person in line before Jesus, and then Jesus came near. Without a word, He lovingly bowed slightly handing me a small globe of the earth. I put it aside to the table saying to myself: “Great, what will I do with this?”

“As the Lord is calling us to give ourselves to Him in great abandonment, there is a kneeling God at our feet longing to wash us, longing to serve us.”

The Lord broke my heart with this dream when I had it, but I couldn’t put into words what exactly I was feeling. Now I know it was His servant heart toward me that broke mine. There is Jesus, my Savior, the King of Kings, Lion of Judah, standing second in line. In my first thoughts I wondered if I had somehow put Him second, that I didn’t hold Him in high enough regard, but that wasn’t it.

It was His revelation of Himself to me, a revelation of His Servant Heart, that He is Humble!

Jesus handed me (the world) a small globe of the world – my first thought on the meaning was how He gives us so much, He gives us freedom and endless possibilities in life, but there again – that wasn’t it or at least not all of it! Jesus bowed forward to hand me the world, as if showing reverence and honor to me. He lovingly placed it in my hands. Wow! I’ve seen Jesus as Lord, as Savior for so long, how do I see Him as Servant, but the truth is that He is! He serves us so we can serve Him in this world! He kneels down ready to help us do all we can with this life while we are in this world. So powerful!
The empty table – the gifts from man had no substance to remain on the table.

John 12:35-40
I’ve been pondering how to be dressed ready for the Lord, but now I see a little more – to be ready to serve in true humility…Humility being rooted in the knowledge of the truth of who I am in Him, who I am to Him. Humility is coming into agreement with God on HIS OPIONION of us and of others! Not in our degrading opinions of our self or others.

In these verses Jesus explains that as we are ready to serve Him, He is ready to serve us. This has altered me and has ignited my heart and mind to ask of myself: What is it I think of Him? That He would serve me…when I ask Him for things, do I even understand what I’m doing?

Jesus is asking: “Do you know who you are to me? It’s more than you know”

He kneels ready to serve us – to make a way where there is no way for us, to wash us clean of all the stains and dirt of this world, to heals us and delivers us from the sickness and pain of this world, He breaks through all the barriers that hold us back from serving Him… He serves us so that we can serve Him, to kneel down and give to others what He knelt down to give us.

Oh Lord, how amazing You are!

Further study on this:
The Beauty of Jesus, John 13-17
The Servanthood of God, Is.42, 49-55


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