A Precious Time

I was sentenced to do some time, but it wasn’t a jail, it was like a small bedroom. There was only a small bed and a piece of ceiling mounted gym equipment at the foot of the bed. The ceiling was water-logged; dripping water in places the whole thing was soaked and soggy with water.
I was lifting 10 lb. dumbbells talking with the woman in charge who asked if I could lift 200-300 lbs. on that ceiling mounted machine. (It was like a pull-down machine at the gym.) I think I said no, or was thinking no, when she said to work on it and left.

Numbers 23:21-22
The LORD their God is with them; the shout of the King is among them. 22 God brought them out of Egypt; they have the strength of a wild ox.

Dream symbols:   Bed = intimacy;  Ceilings = limited boundaries;  Water = Holy Spirit

The wilderness isn’t always a bad place. God has different uses for the wilderness, and our reactions to it also affect what God can do with it. The Israelites complained, got an attitude and turned from God to idols in the wilderness, David ran to wilderness strongholds for safety from Saul, Elijah ran to it from Jezebel out of fear , and Moses’ face shone so bright he had to wear a veil because of his time with God in the wilderness .

Sometimes God calls us out into a wilderness time, a time with Him, to build us up through intimacy with Him. In the intimacy Holy Spirit strength “of a wild ox” is gained!

Last March, I lost my job. God had told me it was coming, when I had got the job He kept telling me to save money, and I kept thinking I’d lose my job. I kept praying, thinking it could be fear, but it continued. I saved all I could and then in March it all unfolded. The very moment my boss was being told by the customer that I was being let go the entire building lost power. I knew God was in it and He has shown Himself in this ever since!

Now, after 8 months, I am so thankful! This truly is a precious time, a priceless time! Over these months, in my prayer times, He has told me not to struggle out of this time with Him. It really is God appointed time with my Lord! I want my face to shine from my time with the Lord in this wilderness place, and praise God I’m coming out with the Holy Spirit “strength of a wild ox”!

Holy Spirit removes the limited boundaries we place on our self mentally, and that’s in our flesh, and calls us to/brings us up into a new strength in Him.

He loves us so much He would call us to one-on-one time with Him, specifically to get closer to us. How amazing is that? I encourage you too, if God calls you to a wilderness time, draw near to Him with all your heart! Don’t fight your way out of it, don’t wish it away, soak in His Presence and let Him accomplish in you what He knows is for your good!


5 thoughts on “A Precious Time

    1. Yes, praise God, I said I missed writing and He responded rapidly 🙂
      I wrote this early this morning actually. Love you Friend!

  1. Amy, I’m currently living in a dorm. When my kids saw it on skype they asked if i were in a prison! Your soggy bed room dream challenges me to make the most of this time (since I lost my job, too!) and helps confirm what I thought might be happening. In Hosea, the prophet takes his wife out into the desert. For many days they do not have relations, then finally Hosea takes her as his wife again. God used Hosea to speak to His people about their relationship/our relationship with Him.

    1. Good Morning Annetta, it sounds like you’ve hit a rough patch, but I also hear that joy of the Lord in you. He does mighty things in quiet times – Jericho Stillness is another post on that. It’s so great to meet you too! I enjoyed your writing and you had me hooked to hear the rest of your story.
      God Bless you in this time with His strength and a vision for it and what’s to come!

      can I ask why the dorm?

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