Repost: What’s in a Gift?

This is a repost from last year. While it might not have been written today, it is still true today!  I pray God bless you greatly in this season we celebrate His birth, that your greatest present is His presence! Merry Christmas early!

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

This is one of those times where I wish I could give you, like a gift wrapped up in pretty paper with a shiny bow, the revelation that was given to me. I wish that by reading this you’d truly “get it”, feel it, and own it. By God’s grace I pray it’s so.

I was thanking God today for the gifts He has given me. Recently He nudged me to appreciate the Giver of the gifts more than the gift itself, and so I was praying… thanking Him and really looking at the gift in this new light. The gift is not a standalone item. Just as any new techi gadget for Christmas won’t work without power &/or batteries, so goes the gifts of God to us. Without His awesome presence powering the gift it’s useless. It doesn’t bless anyone, doesn’t function properly. Every gift He gives us is actually part of Himself, part of His character, part of his power, part of His authority, and part of His love for us.
He is IN the gift.

We can all give gifts that mean nothing, and have received gifts that meant nothing. There wasn’t anything special about it. Right? I’ve never seen an empty gift, given and received, appreciated or cherished. Mostly they get tossed aside, or they might get used, but there is no value aside from its general use.

When looking at gift giving and receiving gifts this year, see if you can see God.
The light in someone’s eye who is so excited for you to open your gift – the joy of the Giver of all gifts
The Battery you have to include – the power He brings to our lives
The sparkle of the lights – that in Him is no darkness, He is the Light of the World
The warmth of that new throw blanket – how He holds us in his Hands and won’t let us go

He is everywhere and in everything. He is that special ingredient that makes your favorite dish so awesome, He is the laughter we hear when the family is packing the house full, He is the love we feel for others, and He is the peace that radiates through this season we celebrate His birth. He is the stillness that overwhelms us as we stand outside some wintery night looking at the snow sparkle and hear the silence. He is the purity of the white snow. He is the creator of each unique snowflake.
There will be many gifts under trees, but the Best Gift of all was hung on a tree long ago. Please accept His gift this year. He stands ready for you ask Him for it, and is just as eager as any small child is for Christmas for the day you will.

Jesus loves you – the best gift of all!


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