I want that back!

When I was little, maybe 4 yrs old, my mom took me to a mall in the Silver Spring area of Maryland where we lived at the time. As I referred to in the “Deep End” post, there was a fearlessness in me. She told me that I scared her because I walked away from her and right up to a really tall rough-looking African-American man, held out my hand to him, and said: “Hi, my name is Amy!” She said that he shook my hand and smiled, as she ran over to pull me away apologizing that I bothered him.

I want that back! Praise God, I do feel it coming back!

It was in my prayer time this evening that I realized the last two posts connected. As I read the word, Is.61:1 “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,” – it impressed on me, yet again, that there is nothing timid about the Spirit of the Lord! I think the Fierceness of the Lord has been watered down way too long!

There is a flag in our church with the Lion of Judah on it, and I keep staring at the eyes. Those eyes, powerful, and certain…there isn’t one shred of doubt, fear, or uncertainty in them. Have you ever really looked in the eyes of a Lion? (What you see in those eyes is inside of you. Think about that!)

While praying, my heart broke at the idea that we could doubt Him in the face of such certainty. Jesus stands confidently, profoundly certain of what He says and does, who are we to second guess Him? Who are we to know more than Him?

When He directs our steps, it doesn’t always make sense to us the why, and we might not see the results, but those aren’t reasons to second guess Him. When I walked up to that man way back then, who knows what God did with that! Maybe the innocence of a child touched him; maybe the lack of fear toward him rewired his heart somehow? We don’t know how the Spirit moves inside others as we obey willingly.

Is.61:1-2 “because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.” The Lord anointed us with His Spirit to give us the certainty to walk up to anyone, hold out our hand of love, and say “Hi, my name is ___!” We have something to share with people, we have Jesus!

We have good news, don’t we? – that’s another post.

The Spirit of the Lord is on us! He is the spark that was in my eye when I was fearless all those years ago. Before pain, before heart breaks, before let downs, before rejection, and before fear entered in to close the door on my openness. All that work Jesus does on us and has accomplished inside me is to remove all the hindrances to living in freedom from fear.

He is removing all that blocks that spark in our eye, and that keeps us from obeying Him, fearlessly.


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