The Battle Cry!

In my prayer time this morning, I was praying about being the warrior God’s called me to be when God showed me this picture again in my mind and reminded me of the smile on my face. It’s not so silly to be “dressed ready” (Luke 12:35) and smiling at the same time, when we know what we are fighting for!

We fight for LOVE! We fight to give Love, we fight to break open doorways so the love of the Lord can pour through…we fight for Jesus to Shine! He shines only in love!

We know who our enemy is, and it’s not people! Our battle is not with flesh and blood, it is with what is not seen beneath surfaces. Our battle is with the root of the issues, not the symptoms. Our battle is with strongholds, temptations, hate, anger, bitterness, lies, addictions, chains and bondage’s. Our battle is also with our flesh – that we would love beyond reason, to love no matter an offense…our battle is to LOVE!

O Lord,
I pray that we would war for this worthy cause. That we would put ourselves on the front lines for You, to break through enemy lines so that Your Love would be released into lives, situations, and circumstances. Your love makes the difference, only You are the answer to every questioning person in need. Use us Lord to let Your Love Shine in this world! Give us courage and boldness to destroy lies, break chains, and share Your heart of Love and Freedom with all people!

Much love and appreciation to all Soldiers and Warriors that have fought or are fighting for the Freedom of our Country!


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