Autumn Glory

I was pondering the leaves, their colors, and thinking about the season of Fall the other day and suddenly the meanings of the colors came to my mind.  The bible gives meanings to colors…which we use in worship flags, banners, and in dream interpretations. Why not look on these beautiful colors of Fall in the same light?

• Faith and Glory of God (Rm.4:20)
• Anointing (Ex.25:6)

• Fire of God (Ez.1:4,27; 8:2)
• Deliverance (Dan.3:19-29)
• Warrior (Ps.97:3)
• Passionate Praise (Eph.3:19)

• Fine linen for the tabernacle (Ex.26:1;31;36; Num.4:8)
• Cleansing (Lev.14:52)
• Royalty (Dan.5:7;16;29)

• Blood of Jesus (Eph.1:7)
• Love of Christ (Rm.8:35-36)
• Blood of the Lamb, Atonement (Lev.14:52-53)
• Redemption (Gal.3:13
• Salvation (Joshua 2:18-21)

• End of a Season (Ecc.3:2; Jer.8:13; Matt.21:19; 2Cor.4:11; James 1:11)
• Pride/Filthy Rags (Is.24:4; 28:1; 64:6)
• Weary, Faint (Gal. 6:9)
• People (Is.40:7-8)

Some of us would love for it to be summer all year-long, for the leaves to stay green and full, but as Kermit the Frog enlightened us – “It isn’t easy being green” all year every year. It takes the different seasons to grow us, and yes, growth does come by fire. The bright flames of red, orange, and yellow burn up the flesh of our old selves so that in the next season we are even greener and fuller.

So, as we go into the season of Thanksgiving, we have tons of reminders outside on our lawns and out our windows of things to be thankful for in our life, reminders of things to pray for, for ourselves and for others, and reminders of our testimonies that we need to share; places we were, but God brought us out! All that was part of us, but is now gone.


4 thoughts on “Autumn Glory

    1. I think I saw that on FB, but haven’t been able to read it yet. I agree with you that God sure is up to some good things, always 🙂 The season is transitioning from Repositioning, Realigning and Redefining – to now: Open Doors, Connections, and a a time to Step Out Publicly for Him. That’s what I’m sensing, and He’s doing in my life anyway.
      This weekend our family celebrated my sister’s birthday of 50 yrs, and mine of 40 yrs. God made the dividing line so clear for me that what went on in the last 40 yrs has been washed away and that this was a time to go forward into the new. 🙂 Even though the new hasn’t arrived yet, which means it’s still Transition time, there is much to celebrate in the Lord for what is to come! I see this in others as well, so I know it’s not just for me. Maybe it’s for you too! Praise Jesus!

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