The Look

I met a homeless man one time that was far from ordinary. He held a sign that said: “Will work for food” on a street corner. As I stopped along the curb to hand him some food, he looked into my eyes.   His eyes were brilliant light blue, crystal blue, glistening bright white with tears, and something infinitely more profound that I can’t describe; except to say that I was flooded with love and was willing to walk away from life as I knew it to follow him.

In my life I’ve had trouble seeing love in the eyes of others, either because it wasn’t there, or because I wasn’t able to see it. I remember my ex-husband and I looking at each other one time and his sister had this amazed look on her face when she said: “Wow, look at the love in his eyes for you, can’t you see it?”   Well, actually I couldn’t, and it remained a question that I struggled with for years. “Can’t you see it?”

In a study I’m doing, Francis Chan’s “Who is God” study, the section on Following Jesus, he refers to the story of the rich young ruler that asked Jesus: “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mark 10:17-31). Jesus’ response is that God is good, and lists the laws, which the guy says that he’s kept. Then, “Jesus looked at him and loved him”…

Before we go any further into this conversation between Jesus and the young ruler, check out the original question. “What must I do to inherit”… we all know that typically to inherit something you are blood kin to whomever you inherit from. In the question therein lies the problem, no relationship with God. Jesus’ response was based on Him knowing this young guy didn’t know God, he knew the law, but didn’t have relationship with God.

So, in v.21 when Jesus says: “One thing you lack”, it is Jesus putting His spiritual finger on the heart of the problem; the young guy was as blind as the day is long! It wasn’t the wealth or stuff that was the problem, it was that the young guy didn’t have a relationship with God and was too blinded by all the wealth and stuff to see it, because when Jesus looks at us with love, only the blind can’t see it!!

Jesus said to get rid of his money and stuff to point out what the cause of his blindness was, although following Jesus is costly, we gladly give it away when we see that love in His eyes. That is why Jesus tells the disciples: “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” The young man needed God to make that possible, but the young guy couldn’t see beyond his stuff to see the love and relationship available to him.

All those years ago, looking in my ex-husbands eyes, I couldn’t see the love because I was totally focused on me, my needs, my wants, my desires, what has he done for me lately. We can’t see correctly in relationship when the point of it is ourselves, but when we are willing to look beyond our self and put others first we can see so much more of them, and we will even see the love in their eyes.

Love is fueled by love, to get love you have to give love…the true and genuine kind! 1 Cor.13.
Jesus loves you!


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