Highly Favored

“My favor rests with you
You are My child
Highly favored by the King
My favor adorns you
Like a jewel
A priceless jewel around your neck
Walk in honor, humbly”

Imagine with me a moment, and reach to touch the necklace that is around your neck.  God’s favor adorns your neck; it is a priceless jewel that you are wearing.  More carats than we can count and deeper brilliance to the colors than we know exist.  There is no dollar amount that can cover it’s worth! Everyone walking by sees it, everyone knows it’s there, they just don’t get it.  You are favored by God!

 In Esther, we see a girl who is wearing the favor of God.  In chpt 2 v.15 we read that when it was her turn to see the King she asked for nothing but what Hegai suggested.  The bible doesn’t state what that was; in the movie it was a necklace she received from her parents.  When the necklace was placed before a light, hidden deep inside the stone was the Star of David which reflected all around the room.  This necklace was to remind her of who she was, it was the truth of who she was.

Let this necklace which God has given you, be your truth of who you are and the honor of God on your life!  Speak what God has said above over yourself (there is life in our words), thank God for this truth in your prayer time, reach for that necklace around your neck every day, and you will start walking a little different.  Your head will be raised in God’s love, you will stand a bit straighter, you will smile brighter to anyone and everyone, you will be open armed to all people, you will sing for joy because there is no other way to express your flooded heart, and you will be amazed at the favor God provides!  You are highly favored by the King!


4 thoughts on “Highly Favored

  1. Thank you Amy, this is a beautiful and timely encouraging word of life — may many read and be uplifted by it! Love ya, Betsy

  2. I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thank you, I¡¦ll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your site? I suggest, you could add more posts related with health information, I really like to read this kind of topics… Thanks

    1. Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. To receive automatic notification of a new post you can submit your email address at the NOTIFY ME button. You can always stay up to date that way.
      Thank you for the tip on writing more about health, I’ll consider that. Did you see the FOOD catagory for info on healthly eating according to scripture? And the posts that start with God’s RX will be about health related topics.
      Thank you and please stop by again.

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