Faith and Deeds

God removed an addiction from me a few years ago, so why do I still struggle with it?

None of us come into Salvation already perfect! After accepting Jesus into our hearts, He starts working on our life. Removing things and working on us in an onion layer type way, healing and restoring us little by little. Addictions are part of the process.

Addiction is the out-of-control desperation for something. When God removes the addictions, some people never struggle with it again, while others do struggle (occasional lapses). In both cases God has removed the out-of-control portion of the problem, but with those of who still lapse occasionally God’s providing the chance to do some building of our faith muscles.

Our actions reflect what we believe to be true! Our beliefs are shown by what we do!
James 2:14-26
v.22 “You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did.”

When we have something we struggle with doing, by doing that thing again we are saying we don’t believe we’ve been set free from it. After reading James this morning, I sat down and asked myself this question: What is it I believe to be true?. It was surprising to realize I didn’t have much to write, or is it really surprising since there was a struggle?

When we have a solid belief in something we don’t waiver over it, do we?
When we know that we know that we know something we can’t be convinced otherwise. So, when we have an area we struggle with we need to build up our knowers!

Struggling is a chance to become stronger!
We get in the Word, listen to God in our prayer time, and believe the Word by doing it.
Get a piece of paper, write out the question: “What do I believe?” (about your issue), list what you believe to be true, if you don’t have much to write start looking it up in the Word, hang it where you can read it regularly, and start speaking it.

Be encouraged!
Struggling with something doesn’t mean we weren’t set free from that addiction , it doesn’t mean we are just terrible people and God shouldn’t love us, it doesn’t mean we aren’t really saved, it doesn’t mean God’s given up on us… it doesn’t mean whatever the enemy is whispering in your ear. It’s only over when we give up!
Give yourself a break, God knows that we are the weak and He’s excited to see us get stronger. He says: “Kneel before Me for strength in weakness. Be sustained in power, glory & might from Me, you were made to take it, You are strong & mighty in My armor.”


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