Like A Rock

Like a Rock – Bob Segar
Like a rock, I was strong as I could be
Like a rock, nothin’ ever got to me
Like a rock, I was something to see
Like a rock
Are we trying to be the rock in our lives?

When I was in my teens you’d find me wearing t-shirts, ripped jeans with heavy metal band names written all over them, hair puffed out and up so high I could pick up satellite signals. Heavy Metal was my choice of music, and I felt powerful when I listened to it! I felt strong, tough, bad, and not to be messed with. It was a mask I’d wear when I felt pain or felt vulnerable. It took many years of not listening to heavy metal for me to see this.
No one wants to feel weak or vulnerable, so in this life there are all kinds of ways to puff ourselves up. Drugs, Alcohol, Music, Anger, Joking about others, or even income/job status… you get the idea. But what is really accomplished when we puff ourselves up? Our flesh gets stronger living on the lie, our independence grows – we don’t need people, we don’t need relationships, we don’t need affection…nope, we are tough! Then what?
God did some demolition work on my masks – first it was that I couldn’t listen to heavy metal anymore and after not listening for a while I started going through “withdrawals” so to speak – fear would rise up, feeling vulnerable would scare the tar out of me, wanting to impress others made itself known as a reason behind the music. It was something I wanted to hide behind very badly.
Second thing was in moving back to WV I gave up working at a place that puffed me up, the CIA, it  has a reputation that became mine by association. I felt strong just in being able to say I worked there. The salary puffed me up. After leaving I was lost in who I was just because I couldn’t say I worked there or made x number of dollars a year. God put me in a job that didn’t even pay my bills for the first couple years and then increased me to just barely covering my bills.
When all is stripped away from us that we use to feel strong, Jesus stands ready with an identity for us. Jesus is the real Rock, the real strength we can put on. Jesus calls us Treasure! Jesus calls us Free! Jesus calls us Beloved, and Dearly Loved! Jesus also calls us Victorious in Christ! More than a Conqueror! The Head not the tail! We are called to put on the Full Armor of God! That is more powerful than all the masks we can put on in this life.
He calls us to stop pretending, to drop the masks, to drop the things that we use to puff our flesh and seek Him. He calls us to be who we are, who He created us to be, no cover ups, no masks, just us. He doesn’t expose us to hurt us, He exposes the lies we buy – not to sell us something, but to give us something!   Himself!

Note: I do know that Bob Segar is not heavy metal! LOL


One thought on “Like A Rock

  1. Hey Amy,

    I’m finally getting to update ALL my email. I loved this post you sent…Powerful message…something I identify with….Isn’t God good to free us from the lies, take the masks off our faces, and put a smile there instead? Oh yes, just thinking of Him does that!!

    I got you phone call the other day and didn’t return it because you were gonna have some busy days…Me too…company this past weekend and this week. Then I’m preparing for the writers conference next week…while this week I spend some special time with two precious grand daughters. Hanna, Davids daughter is with Esther for a week…we will take her back home when we head to Philly next week.

    Praying for a time when you and I can reconnect. Have much to catch up on.

    Love you, Glenda

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