God can’t ignore PASSION!

God can’t ignore passion! Our passion must light up the sky like 4th of July in God’s eyes! Amazing things happen when passion is involved! Deliverance and Salvation are always results of Passion!

Ps. 91:14-16

Happy 4th of July to you all, let’s start there! The people who settled this land must have had passion – they knowingly took the risk to board boats bound for another world they’d never been to, knowing the death rate was high, knowing they didn’t know the land, or the hardships they would face, or the diseases that most of them would die from. It took passion to face those odds. It took conviction of faith and passion for the founding fathers to create our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution! This country was founded by passionate people, strong people,determined people with conviction of faith.

Jesus – the Passion of the Christ – He was so passionate about us He willingly left heaven to come here, not only to come here, but to die for us here. Not only to die for us here, but to be put to death by our hands! The hands of the people He came to save. His ministry is passion for the lost, passion for us to know God by knowing Him, passion for God to be honored and glorified, passion for us to be healed and set free, and passion for us to have victory over hell and death! Jesus has passion to free us from the religious chains, any chains that would keep us bound are not God’s design or desire. God can’t ignore passion! Jesus is our trailblazer and He is passionate about all things. He isn’t luke warm about anything!

In the scripture reference, it is awesome to note that Passion came first! V. 14 – “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.” The meaning of love in this verse is: Passionate love, passionate desire to the deepest part of us. God can’t ignore Passion! If we have passion for God, He has already said He will rescue us and protect us before v. 15 was even said. V.15 is our prayer to Him, but for passion God was already there determined to answer what we haven’t even prayed yet.

I believe the fire of Holy Spirit(revival fire) is passion, and when it touches us we become passionate for God! We adore Him with a love that is unquenchable.

This is a time of year we can witness fire all around us – fireflies quietly flicker around the yards, and fireworks thunder lighting up the sky, I pray God sends out some sparks into our hearts to fire us up to have passion like the founders of this country had! We need that fire! I pray God opens up the wells, the wells left behind by the passionate trailblazers! That we would once again be a people courageous to step out onto new ground, bold no matter the odds, strong in the work to do, and convicted beyond relenting to our faith in Jesus!


One thought on “God can’t ignore PASSION!

  1. Yea, praise the Lord…the well of living water has surfaced in your writing again. Thanks Amy for this post. Oh yes!!! Passionate for God…my hearts cry and love.
    Have a blessed day!!

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