From the North – Part 2

In my desk dream there were three symbols hidden inside the third hidden compartment. An ancient gold coin, precious stones – some with silver edges, and a 90 dollar bill (or stack).

I believe the Ancient coins have been shown to be the ancient paths (Leaving Egypt Post) we are to get back too, which is to leave Egypt (captivity) and head toward the Promised Land, now I believe the rest of the story is unfolding…

The ancient paths were walked by people with “like precious faith” (which are the precious stones – some with silver), that faith is our inheritance by Jesus’ Righteousness which is the 90 dollar bill. Jesus placed His Righteousness in that hidden compartment because without it – we couldn’t have that precious faith to walk old paths in a new time and in a new way, or to defeat old foes operating in seemingly new ways.
The ancient paths were riddled with idols, captivity, the constant fight to be free, and God asking to put Him first. The path still looks the same today, but the Bride is stretching for her old yet new assignment – to “expose the enemy” and “set the captives free”.

Faith is God’s authority that will come upon the earth, through the Bride, to put a household in order! We, the Bride, will speak His heart, will declare His Word, and will pray His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

“You are about to move into the hour of the Father. Where the authority that comes upon the earth will be that of a father when he comes to put a household in order.” Eileen Fisher


A big thank you to Stacy for her post “Like Precious Faith” on: – God snapped all the pieces together for me through that.


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