From the North

• Jeremiah 10 KJV

• Eileen Fisher Prophecy –

For the full picture on what I’m about to write and say you will need to completely read the above two items first.

During a prayer time I received Jer. 10 to read, then later that day, I was going through email and opened an email from Eileen Fisher Ministries with a prophecy from Apr.26th. I was immediately hearing Jeremiah 10 in the Word the Lord gave her.
At Women of Valor this year the theme was “Now is the Time” and had to do with the Bride, which are God’s people that He is speaking about and to in both of these readings. One of the speakers, Melissa Flores, spoke about our relationship with the Lord and the forsaking of other things that would come between us – we made a covenant  – and Now is the time for that!
“This time, the time and the season, for this I am preparing a victorious Bride.” Eileen Fisher

From the North:
“You will be surprised for I will say, Look up! That is My North, Heaven coming down.” Eileen Fisher
Jer. 10:22 “Listen! A noise – it is coming – a great commotion from the land to the north.”

What I believe to be the message is a combination of the two – is that now is the beginning time of “from the North” – it is a time of God returning through the Bride – “it is coming – a great commotion from the land to the north” – and the Bride’s new assignment that God is arming Her for, equipping her for, and will cause Her to be victorious in is: exposing the enemy, and releasing the captives held in bondage.

“God is coming to put a household in order”, the territory He is speaking of is: “the earth at large, world, nations” (H776). How is He coming? For right now, it’s through His Bride. He is going to be releasing strategy (which is not the first I’ve heard a prophet speak that) strategy to “draw the enemy from hiding” and “release the captives held in bondage”. God’s Truth being spoken, preached, taught, shared, communicated, and lived out exposes the lies, the tactics of the enemy. As well as the new strategies that God will reveal to His people.

Now is the time to look, and listen for the Spirit to reveal God’s new strategies, to reveal truths that will set captives free, and to receive Jesus’ heart of love. This has to do with our inheritance! We are part of Jesus’ inheritance, and we are part of the plan to reach others who are part of His inheritance.
We used to be captives too, and now as part of the Bride we are called to the war of love. To love those who aren’t yet free so much so that we are willing to fight for their freedom using the strategies God will equip us with.

The Bride is stretching, preparing to move for God – “that is My North, Heaven coming down”.


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