Spiritual Ticks

Dream: TV show characters were talking; another cast member comes up and says she’s got a tick in her eye. Then I am that woman, and I have that tick in my eye. No one would help remove it, they all turned away and avoided me so as not to help me. I called my Dad, I asked if my sister Libia was there and that I needed her help to remove a tick, to which he replied that would be fine. She was there, and willing to remove it.

For me, this dream was about that show/the wrong desire to watch it being a spiritual tick that needed to be removed, and going to my Father, to get Holy Spirit’s help was the only way to remove it. So, why share this? Well, I believe God was showing something that all of us need to be aware exists.  Spiritual Ticks!  Ticks, in any form, aren’t always easy to detect even on our own bodies, or in our spiritual body (or the house, the body of believers, etc..)
Matthew 21:14
The blind and the lame came to him at the temple, and he healed them.

Jesus reveals to heal! Jesus will remove our blindness to see spiritual ticks that have a hold on us, a hold in us that we are not aware of, and He will instruct Holy Spirit to remove it, if we are willing. Let’s look at ticks and what we can see spiritually.                       Reference Site:   http://tickfacts.com/tick-facts.html

Ticks are arachnids, as are chiggers, spiders and mites.
I put this in to make note that in dreams spiders are interpreted as the enemy – so should ticks!

Ticks are usually located at ground level to about 3ft high
I heard someone talking about Soaring like Eagles (Is.40:31) – and that we as children of God are meant to soar! When we do we are far above the threats, the dangers, the enemy. We won’t have to worry about ticks if we are flying where God wants us to be. We only pick up ticks when we are where we aren’t supposed to be, when we are looking at things we shouldn’t, when we are places we shouldn’t be…you get the idea. The Story of David and Bathsheba illustrates it too; that it was when he wasn’t where he should have been that he suffered blood loss – he lost a child as a consequence.

There is so much more about their strategy, and the ground level action of the enemy, but I want to share what I feel God specifically wants to pin-point right now.

A tick uses carbon dioxide, scent, body heat, and other stimuli to find a host.
Why does the enemy attack us? It isn’t just because we are children of God – there are people who are saved who aren’t being attacked or even face opposition because they are not emitting attention getters to the enemy. What get’s the enemies attention?
• It takes LIFE to emit carbon dioxide – we have to be full of the Life of God to emit the Breath of God that   the enemy wants to stop!
• Prayers – people who pray the Will of God, the Heart of God, the Mind of God, the Thoughts of God are people who emit a scent! The Bible speaks of the fragrant prayers (Rev.5:8) and…
• Sacrafice – a people who lay down their lives to lift up Christ, willingness for God to have His Way (Eph.5:2)
• FIRE – Rev.8:4 talks of the Smoke of the Incense together with the Prayers – man when someone is in the Fire and they are praying Life, praying God’s Heart, God’s will, willingly sacrificing themselves up on a platter to God there is POWER! God takes notice! So we can be sure it’s an attention getter to the enemy! We move in Extreme Power at that point!

Ticks feed on the Blood
If we are born again, saved by the Blood of Jesus, we have that Blood in our veins. We are Royalty by the Blood of Jesus! God said to me that I was His right down to my DNA, which means all people who accept Jesus as Savior are God’s right down to their DNA. Our blood is His Blood! Powerful!! It’s so powerful of course the enemy’s goal would be to attack that very precious blood and try to remove it, or taint it! God’s Blood flowing through us is not something the enemy wants, because it gives us the victory, it is Life, it heals us…it is full of God!! What can’t the Blood accomplish!

Ticks have four life stages: egg, larva, nymph, and adult. The egg hatches into a larva. A larva (”seed” tick) has six legs. It feeds and molts into a nymph. It feeds and molts into a nymph. A nymph has eight legs and no sex differentiation. It then feeds and molts into an adult. The adult is differentiated into male or female. The female requires a blood meal in order to lay eggs.
If we are seeing fruits of a spiritual tick in our life, we have had that tick a long while, too long! Only when it’s fully grown into a female does it start to produce. It is a fully formed spiritual issue at that point that is capable of producing more of its kind into our life. Now is the time to “Nip it in the bud”! (As Barny would say:)

The longer an infective tick feeds, the greater the chance of infection.
How can spiritual ticks cause infection? Infection, as defined by the dictionary is: contaminate, to communicate a disease, to corrupt.
1. Contaminate – to make unclean by contact or mixture, to permeate with radioactivity.
Wow, it’s pretty clear the enemies objective at tapping into our Blood – to make us unclean! God’s Blood in our veins, Jesus’ Blood applied to and over our life makes us clean!!! The enemy wants us down in the dirt with him. If he can contaminate us, he can contaminate the people we are around. Part of the further information on this site says that certain ticks have certain “food groups” (if you will) to feed off of, and they will cross contaminate throughout the group. If we are tainted and contaminated it does pass on. Sure we don’t do it on purpose, but if we allow the spiritual tick to remain and produce we are carriers to others. God calls for a Holy Life, a Bride without Spot or Wrinkle! He will make sure to get us that way if we are willing.
2. Communicate Disease –
I find it wonderful that it says to “communicate” disease. HA!!! God HAS ALREADY healed us, set us free from ALL sickness and disease – the only way for the enemy to get us sick is to communicate it to us – tricking us to believe the lie! We have to cooperate with him to hurt our bodies, to not take care of them, to put things inside us that will have bad effects on our health, to convince us that we are not actually set free and healed by God!!! To convince us of the lie that disease is a punishment by God! Don’t accept delivery on those communications!! Let it go to voicemail…better yet, unplug the tick from your life!!
3. Corrupt – marked by immorality, open to bribery and dishonesty, Tainted.
From the above facts, I believe it’s “fully matured female ticks” that are producing more after their own kind that cause us to be “Open” to the bad things the enemy has to offer. One tick can taint our life, but many ticks pollute our hearts and minds to the point that we are living by lies, our blood is not God’s Blood anymore, and the Truth of God is not in us.

So, why did God want to share all this? He reveals to heal! God wants us to see what holds us back from Him, or is poisoning our life! He came to the world to heal and set free – His desire for that has not changed! Ask Him if there are spiritual ticks that need to go from your life. He will show you. Be on the lookout for His answer, and when He shows you – repent, ask that Holy Spirit remove it and any tainting that entered your blood.

Dear God, I ask that as the people who love you read this you will reveal to them any spiritual ticks. I ask that there would be repentance, a forsaking of that thing, and a turning to You. I ask that Holy Spirit would remove it at their request.
It is in Jesus Name, Jesus Christ our Healer and Redeemer’s name I ask,

How to kill a tick – by FIRE, or by a burning hot needle (Sword)!! Oh Yes God!


9 thoughts on “Spiritual Ticks

  1. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for sharing your dream about the tick in your eye and the revelation that God gave you regarding spiritual ticks that attack us especially when it comes to our spiritual vision. As I read your blog, I kept thinking about another kind of “tick” in the eye and that of a constant involuntary twitching of one’s eyelid. I’m not sure why that image kept coming to me even more strongly than the insect type of “tick” but I believe that both kinds of “tick”s may have spiritual significance as well. I’ve taken the liberty to look up eye ticks and found some very interesting insights regarding causes for the involuntary twitches. http://www.ehow.com/about_5525177_causes-eye-tics.html

    The most important thing about both “tick” meanings is the fact that they deal with our eyes and therefore our physical and spiritual vision/sight. The enemy is attacking our ability to see and focus and those things that God wants to show us and we need to understand the many ways we may be vulnerable to attack!

    Thank you again for sharing! May God continually protect and increase your spiritual insights of His Kingdom!


    1. Hey Sis,
      Thank you for your reply! That’s awesome! I hadn’t thought of that, but it is right on track. Especially when we consider the meaning of this year being about spiritual sight! We are all in need of our spiritual eyes to be open and clearly seeing all God would have for us! I also believe the dream to be about Holiness! I believe the Body of Christ, the whole church, is called to purify ourselves and forsake all that would pollute our lives and relationship with Jesus.

      Something I see in these two ticks is: the obvious annoyance of the eye twitch, and the hidden attachment of the tick. Blindness is easier to have, and more prevelant than we realize. We don’t realize because we are blind. In the last days, the bible says that there will be a false christ…that there will be miracles, signs, and wonders happening that are not of God. How will we know what miracles are real and what aren’t?
      This really scared me for a long while, so I dug into the hebrew/greek meanings and found two Christ’s in scripture. The spurious christ is the fake. He will be doing supernatural things that Christ can and would do. My study revealed that the only way to know who is fake is by seeing the substance. The fake is just that – smoke and mirrors. There is no actual substance behind it, just like a lie, even though it will appear as real as Christ Himself.

      We must have the Eyes to see! We must have unclouded, unhindered, unpolluted spiritual eyesight to see the spiritual substance. We must have undiluted and uninhibited Jesus in our hearts and life through vibrant alive relationship with Him, and we must protect ourselves from “ticks” that would pollute and taint us.
      Many great believers will fall in the last days to buying the fake miracles, because they won’t be able to see the substance.

      This should scare us!!! Scare us out of blindness and into seeking Jesus, asking for the ticks to be removed, and making ourselves ready and able to see the substance. Jesus wants us to see clearly and stands ready to perfect our vision!

      Love you, we need to get a call in – haven’t talked to you in so long!

  2. Thanks Amy. That was quite a dream, wasn’t it? Gotta keep our eyes on Him, and not circumstances, people, or problems.
    Lord, remove anything in my eye that would hinder my walk with you. Thank you Lord for your abounding grace and forgiveness.

    1. Hi Glenda, it was a warning to me and thankfully I heeded it. Our women’s group at church was just talking about Sheep tonight – how we are the sheep and Jesus is the Good Shepherd. We talked about how sheep get mites or some bug that attaches itself like a tick does…I would say spiritually it’s time to “clean house” of little things that drain us or taint us.
      Lots of love 🙂 See you soon

  3. Hi, Amy! Thanks for sharing this dream about the spiritual tick. Honestly, I had a dream of tick this morning. I know in my spirit it’s an attack of the enemy. And reading all this is really an eye opener. Thank you so much! God bless you.

    1. Hi Tina, thank you for visiting my site.
      I know the Lord provides the answers (we all) need 🙂
      You are very welcome and God bless you too!

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