God’s Acquisition Plan

I love to laugh, and I love how God uses that in what He has me write for Him!  My digits are for His use! 🙂   In Christ, Amy

To: The Son’s of God
From: The Administrative Offices of God

Subject: Acquisition Plan – Son’s of God project

This purchase is vital to the advancement of God’s plan. Without the addition of Son’s the project will not reach the goals intended and will result in a huge loss of life. It is critical to proceed rapidly with this procurement of souls.

God’s contract with the Son’s is binding and unbreakable, by His Authority, and is an incentive based simplified purchase. He will purchase the Son’s using the Blood of Jesus appropriated 2000+ years ago that has been set aside for this project. All funding is still current and very much valid and is the sole responsibility of the office of God himself. God will supply all needs to the Son’s; to be a Son, to look like a Son, and to act like a Son. God will provide the protection, and the education to the Son’s to build them up in their office of Son. All raises, advancements, promotions, and cost of living increases are included in the contract.

In providing for all the needs of the Son’s, for providing the title of Son, providing the educational opportunities to advance and grow in the position of Son, providing the rights and authorities that accompany the position of Son, the perks and benefits associated with title of Son, for canceling all debt held against the Sons, and the total access to God, the incentive portion of this procurement has been filled.

Compensation, for the provided goods and services, expected by God are restricted to: the Son’s heart; love, fellowship, relationship, time, open communication, and willingness to adhere to God.

Procurement details:
PO# – 1God4Amy
Contract # – 5-7-3-4-70/72-2/111
Term of Contract: Eternal
Payment Terms: Instant
Contract Value: Blood of Jesus
Contract Type: Incentive Based, Simplified Acquisition


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