Spiritual DNA

Genesis 1:3
And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

God says it, it is so! There is no question, no delay, only an instant existence of what wasn’t at the command of God. I start here because God is still the same today, what He commands to exist – does!
This, God also said: “You are mine, right down to your DNA!”
It is so, whether we understand it and know it or not. Understanding it and knowing it are important in the living it, but it’s just not all there is.

When Jesus comes into our hearts (after we invite Him in), we are at that moment born of an incorruptible seed, God’s. (1 Pet.1:23) His DNA has just created the new creature we have become.  (2 Cor.5:17) As Jesus and Holy Spirit start doing their work in our hearts, God’s DNA through Jesus’ Blood applied to our new life, and running through our hearts, in Christ, starts to have its effect on us. We start to behave differently, we start to think differently, we start to see differently, and we start to take on more and more characteristics of our Father, looking more and more like Jesus – God’s Firstborn. Before we know it – our new DNA has altered our appearance.

I wrote this and I kept asking God about it. Why do some people still look the same? Why is just knowing we are a King’s kid not enough to live the high calling we are called to live? We, as Christians, were given this message that we are God’s children years ago, so what is missing that we aren’t living it just by knowing it? In my other posts I had such an urgency for myself and others to understand who we are in Christ, thinking that that would surely make the difference – that we would rise up and start living as Christ said we should… but I’m seeing that knowing it and understanding it alone won’t accomplish the task.

Back to the heart:
I don’t believe in coincidence or chance – I do believe God specifically designed our hearts to be the epicenter of His Fullness, for such a time as this. I believe now, in the time we are living in, it is time that we walk like Jesus, talk like Jesus, and live like Jesus. Living in Sonship, signs and wonders will follow.

Let’s take a quick look at some facts about the heart: (the link to this article is in the reference section)

• It is really nothing more than a pump
• The heart pumps the blood, which carries all the vital materials which help our bodies function and removes the waste products that we do not need.
• The Heart works as a pump moving blood around in our bodies to nourish every cell
• Used blood, that is blood that has already been to the cells and has given up its nutrients to them, is drawn from the body by the right half of the heart, and then sent to the lungs to be reoxygenated. Blood that has been reoxygenated by the lungs is drawn into the left side of the heart and then pumped into the blood stream.

A pump could be thought of as the old outside water pumps, or that a water fountain is run by pumps. The heart pumps oxygenated blood through the body to each organ, cleansing it and nourishing it; while at the same time removing the impurities and regenerating the blood to be nourishing again. Water and Jesus’ Blood is associated with purification and cleansing.
Jesus, in our hearts, removes the impure and replaces it with the pure. There is such a Mighty work happening in our hearts that I cannot capture it all, no one can. It seems to me, the issue of the heart reveals innumerable spiritual connections (Deep calling to deep) being made.
Proverbs 10:11, Psalm 36:9, Psalm 42:7, Dan. 1:15, Prov. 3:7-9, Rm. 11:16-18,
1 Tim. 4:5-7
God’s Word is our bread and is as sweet as Honey, out of His Throne flow Rivers of Living Water. I found these facts about the heart a great way to pray! Seeing Jesus in my heart, asking Him to send the perfect nutrients to each organ, to infuse my body with all the life-giving nourishment available in God’s Blood! Let me know what prayers you pray thinking of it this way.

• If the heart ever ceases to pump blood the body begins to shut down and after a very short period of time will die.
Romans 6:16, 1 John 5:16, 2 Cor. 7:10, John 15:2
When we abandon our pursuit of relationship with God, not seeking Him, not listening to Him, not even responding to Holy Spirit’s promptings – our “heart” ceases and we will die spiritually in a very short amount of time.

• During this cycle the entire heart actually rests for about four-tenths of a second.
Ecc. 3:1, Ecc. 3:11, Numbers 10:33, Matthew 11:28 – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
God is so in favor of resting, He built a time of rest into our heart beats! Our bodies were made with the need for rest; we sleep at least once a day! He also wants to give us rest from our emotions, the troubles in life, the nagging endless thoughts, and the strains and stresses. We are invited to come to Him and rest. He is as close to us as our own heart.

• The walls of the heart are made up of three layers, while the cavity is divided into four parts.
We ask Jesus into our hearts, not our liver, not our brain, not our stomach… it was built to be His House.
The walls – protection, structure, form and design being in three; God’s Trinity! The inside of the heart, the sanctuary as it were, has Four compartments. If you read about the specific detail of the Tabernacle in Exodus – there were many details designated in 4’s. Four = Tribe of Judah, Lion of Judah = Jesus.
Seems like a perfect dwelling for Christ and Holy Spirit.

• Unlike skeletal muscles, however, the heart works on the “All -or-Nothing Law”. That is, each time the heart contracts it does so with all its force.
Revelation 3:16 – “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”
God is all in! He is not undecided on where He stands or what He’s about, and He doesn’t want us to be either. He wants our yes to be yes, and no to be no. He doesn’t want us to be tossed about by winds of popular thinking, worldly whims, or even our own feelings. It’s All or Nothing with God, and for God. We are saved or not, we are His or aren’t, we serve Him or don’t. We can’t have two masters. Our Heart was created for ONE God, all or nothing. When God commands us to love Him with all our hearts – he’s saying with ALL! He built the heart itself to do its job with all its force, which to me is God’s confirmation of His command that we are to love God with all our strength (force). (Mark 12:32-34)

Running the Race – The difference needed!

• The output of each ventricle per beat is about 70 ml, or about 2 tablespoons. In a trained athlete this amount is about double.
1 Cor. 9:24, Heb. 12:1, Gal. 5:7, Gal. 2:2
In direct contrast to a ceased heart we come to a double portion being served to a trained athlete. How does an Athlete train? With everything they’ve got – if they want to win the prize! Olympic hopefuls go into training many years before the actual games with every day determination, every day discipline, and every day looking toward the Gold! Their whole life is about winning that prize. They eat right for it, sleep for it, talk about it, strategize over it, plan for it… there isn’t a minute of any given day that they aren’t about that business. This is a picture of what I believe God is saying is the difference. It is what we’ve been lacking up until now.

Ask for the Ancient Paths – Jeremiah 6 & 18
Jesus lived His Father’s business! There wasn’t a minute of Jesus’ life that was about him. He didn’t plan out his life based on His wants or His desires. We are always coming to this crossroad in our life to choose our will or God’s will, because we’ve done just that, we’ve made a plan based on what we want.
We look at Jesus’ life and we haven’t been able to reconcile how our life can look like His. Well, I am going to go all fanatical on you right now and say that all of us from birth have looked at life all wrong! We were raised with the idea life is what we want it to be, and the question: “What do you want to be when you grown up?” WRONG! Life isn’t to be seen or lived at all as we have been lead to believe. Is this warping your mind yet, because it is mine!

It’s time; our minds must be completely rewired to see life as about God! We have planned, have written lists of what we want, made goals to get there, and prayed God would help us. Help us what? Bottom line – to accomplish our life, our plan, our way; because it is how life has been done, but God is now about to completely shift our mind to see life this whole new way. I’m ready for it, how about you?

“It took a few years, but one day I learned a secret: The Bible is like a math book that has the correct answers in the back of the book. If you add this Scripture to that and get a revelation, compare it to the four Gospels and the book of Acts. Does the new revelation make you look more like Jesus, or less?
The people who carry God’s new things wisely are those who learn to anchor them in classic Gospel truths.
Don’t throw out the new things God is saying and doing just because the prophet doesn’t add them up correctly. Do your own arithmetic, and anchor new revelation in eternal truth. Look at how Jesus did it, bringing new vision and fulfillment to the Scripture. He’s still doing it today, unfolding riches that are new to us but that have been in His heart from the beginning.”
Stan Smith

Knowing who our Father is – is way different from Knowing the Father!
Luke 2:48-50 (Amplified Bible)
48And when they [Joseph and Mary] saw Him, they were amazed; and His mother said to Him, Child, why have You treated us like this? Here Your father and I have been anxiously looking for You [distressed and tormented].
49And He said to them, How is it that you had to look for Me? Did you not see and know that it is necessary [as a duty] for Me [a]to be in My Father’s house and [occupied] about My Father’s business?
50But they did not comprehend what He was saying to them.

Sonship is our High Calling! Jesus lived it as an example to us! He is always the first; therefore He is always the One Guide we must follow. How do we “train”? The training is in the relationship! Double portion starts flowing in the knowing the Father! Jesus shows us that if you saw Jesus you saw the Father. They were inseparable! If you heard Jesus, you heard the Father. God’s words flowed unhindered out of Jesus because Jesus wasn’t trying to be heard. Jesus went where God directed and did what God directed because Jesus’ life wasn’t planned out and hindered by what Jesus wanted and had already set up for Himself as a life aside from God. Jesus stayed in constant relationship, prayer, with God as His Source for all things. He was so connected to Heaven and Heaven to Him there was no gap, no communication delay. He walked and lived Open Heaven!

John 14:12
Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

The Mighty Winds have been for the breaking down of strongholds, and the way we view life is a stronghold coming down. It has held us back from our High Calling for long enough. God has drawn the line – you can come this far and no further.

Evidence of God in Human Physiology – http://www.leaderu.com/science/bishop.html


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