“Must you be persuaded so”?

What does it take for us to spend time with the Lord? A bad report?

Laying it all out there, I’ve been going through a particularly hard time recently. A little over a week ago I received a bad report, one that I’m very sure a year ago would have knocked me completely off course, but which now seemed to reveal more strength of faith in me than I knew was there. I praised God for it, and was feeling pretty good about how God has been growing me. Then, last Friday, the second wave hit; bad report number two. That report squeezed out of me some strong complaining to God.  Since then, I’ve been wallowing, overwhelmed with the swirling thoughts. Did I turn to God? Not really. I sulked and self pitied and questioned God. Surprised?

Something I’ve noticed lately is how pervasive the thinking is that whatever we are going through it is too terrible to share even with closest friends, no one else is going through it or ever has, and there must be something terribly wrong with us to be the only one. And what I also see is – that is a lie! Every one of us is going through stuff. Every one of us need support, need strength, need a shoulder, but most of all need GOD! Tonight as I sat watching a movie to zone out, veg out, and not think – God interrupted to call me to time with Him. I pushed it aside saying to myself “later”, but God said: “Must you be persuaded so?” Ouch!

I love Him and yet I push him away when I need Him most. My God, my Healer, my Comforter, my Friend was calling me to His presence and I was trying to sit sulking! I got up and turned on my worship music, I started doing what I didn’t feel like doing, but knew somewhere in me I felt it, and knew God deserved praise no matter what!! Songs filled the air, words that sparked my heart to life again…

Abba Father – Klaus Kuehn
“you call me Your child
You call me Your own
You call me into my destiny
I call You my King
I call You my Love
I call You Father”

I Belong – Kathryn Scott
“Nothing can take me away from Your great love
Forever this truth remains
I belong
I belong to You
I belong
I belong to You”

In Your Presence – Jason Upton
“In Your presence
All fear is gone in Your presence
In Your presence
It’s where I belong, in Your presence”

Chasing After You – Deluge Band
“Chasing after you I’m so hungry for Your presence
I come before Your throne and lay all my burdens down
You said You’d never leave me so I’ll take you at your promise
My life is in your hands so I give You all I am
And I want to be with you
And I want to walk with you”

Welcome In This Place – HillSong/Darlene Zschech
“Holy Spirit Holy Spirit
Comforter Counselor here
Holy Spirit send from Heaven
The God of all glory is here
Rise up within me Living Water
Spirit of God in me
You are welcome in this place
God of power love and grace
Saturate my soul
Closest friend here in Your presence
Is fullness of joy overflowing
Holy Spirit guide my way saturate my soul.”

Laughter bubbled up and God visited with me. Is the problem immediately gone? No. But, am I in turmoil now, no. There are times like these we must reach out and admit we need help, I have a great friend Mary I reached out too yesterday and she was there for me, tonight another Great Friend wanted to be with me and He is my ultimate helper.

He started tapping on my heart the words to this post. To be real with you all, to encourage you to shine the light on your troubles by talking to God! God has never said they are as terrible as you think, and He’s never been without answers. In the Light of God presence darkness has to leave, that is why the flesh and enemy tell us to keep quiet, to retain the secret is to retain a hiding place for darkness to dwell in our lives. Worship Him even if you don’t feel like it! Praise Him!

We Cry Out – Gateway Worship
“Father of life seated on Your throne of grace
It’s only by Your mercy we are saved
Lord you have said if we call upon Your name
We and our families will be saved
So we cry out Your name
El Shaddai God of Grace
Lord most High Jesus Christ
We rely on Your grace
Adonai crowned in praise
Lord most high Jesus Christ
Father of love never failing to forgive
Each moment is a gift from You to live
We’re only here to tell the world about Your grace
Until the day You take us all away”


2 thoughts on ““Must you be persuaded so”?

  1. Absolutley true. I just talked to a friend today about going to Him. Without Father, we become dry, beaten down, hope less. May he continue to use you and may you be obedient in everything.

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