A word from the Lord

Word from the Lord
“God is calling the wealth of the land back to the church because of the call for His people to go out”

Listening to a young married couple talk about their call to teach English in Vietnam through an organization called ELIC triggered some things to click into place in my spirit. They described their teaching assignment as: Being close with your students, inviting them into your home, socializing with them, knowing their hopes, dreams, desires because they know them as friends. They will know the people and care for them as they are.

Holy Spirit reminded me of a word study I did on Jeremiah 23:1-8 and what an incredible look at what a Pastor is supposed to be it yielded. See if you catch the similarities…

Shepherd and Feed were both H 7462
To tend a flock, pasture it, to graze, to associate with as a friend, companion, keep company with, make friendship with…

Visited H6485
To visit with friendly or hostile intent, to oversee, muster, charge, care for, deposit, appoint, avenge, bestow, appoint to have the/give a charge, commit, be empty, go see, make by any means, make overseer have the oversight, call to remember

Pastors are called to be family to us. To become part of our family and lives. They are friends, companions, as well as providers of God’s Truth, providers that deposit into us, muster us when we wane, bestow unto us all that God is teaching them and saying to them, appoint us to go out, appoint to take charge in areas of strength and passion, empty themselves out to fill us up. To call us to remember when we forget who we work for and where He is telling us to go. A pastor is to connect with us and we with them, in that we find unity. (There is that unity again 🙂

So as this couple described their assignment it strikes me they are called to do what myself and others are called to do – go out, become part of others lives, provide God’s Truth/Word to those who don’t have it, appoint others coming up behind us, be emptied out in service to God, visit strangers with friendly intents, associate with people as a friend, keep company with, and go see where God will take us.

The pastor today said: If people like these are called to go out, how can they go do God’s work unless we send them? He believes them to be a church plant from his church because they will be pasturing those people and I agree. Based on the word study of what a pastor should be I can see that that is what they will be.
God is going to transfer the wealth back to the House of God for this use – that we heed the Now Word of God that Jesus is calling to us to come out and serve Him – to go out into the world.

 “I will live to carry Your compassion, go beyond religion to see the world be changed by the Power of Your Name – Jesus.”


2 thoughts on “A word from the Lord

  1. I see a change starting to happen in the church, in people sold out for Jesus. It is totally opposite of the American Dream: to have a nice house 2 kids, 2 cars, a life of luxury. In my mind I am starting to ask do I need this or that, do I need as big of a house, new cars, ….. what do You want me to do with what you give, Jesus??? Can God trust us with wealth??? Let us not be like the rich young ruler and have wealth define us. The time of harvest is here, get out into the fields, that is what he is telling us. True contentment is not in the things we possess, it is letting the Spirit of God flow through us to others.

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