Smoke and Mirrors

Satan’s tactics…it’s wise to know your enemy.
He is in the bible from cover to cover, but there are only three instances of him speaking that I know of, and only a couple of verses that give a clue to his appearance. For someone who wants to be God, why so shy? Well, actually its “sly” not shy. He is known by his lies, his lust of destruction, and death. His soul intent is to kill you. But why don’t we actually see him, or hear his voice? (Not that I want too)

Staying in the shadows and whispers is actually the only way he can be affective in his work. It struck me that if we met Satan face to face we’d run screaming to God for help. Even the most devout atheist would cry out to God in that moment. Why? Because we can’t fathom the evil, we can’t comprehend what we’d see in his eyes, or hear in his voice.
So, he hides in violent movies, music, and people. He hides in hate, revenge, harbored resentment, anger, and selfishness. He hides in fake smiles on a person’s face that has his dark heart. He hides in what the world thinks is fun, he hides in comedies that you’d never let your kids watch. He’s in the choices you make that hurt you rather than help you. He’s in every divorce. He’s in every heart-break.
Darkness is his cover, his substance, even when he’s shining his brightest the core is blackness. He uses smoke and mirrors because they cast illusions we don’t always look behind, can’t always detect the substance of. He likes to stay in the shadows and whispers because if heard and seen we would run. Come face to face with evil and you know it’s true.

That is why his efforts are disguised and his presence is blinded so we don’t see him. So he can sell the illusion, cast the doubt, and insert those thoughts without us running away.


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