What does it mean to you?

In my effort to learn more about Godly dream interpretation, this is a key point to pass on!

I was in a new job, in a telephone operator’s room. I was telling the other ladies that worked there what the room used to look like, even though I was new to the job. I walked to the back room and felt some stress and then walked out to the front and a phone rang. The woman said it was for me – I answered and heard a man say “Stay in the job”

Ok, so if you had this dream would it mean much to you? In this dream there are two specific symbols: the operator room and the back room of that office. To me they were clear, to you probably not. When God speaks to us he speaks in a way that we understand. He isn’t going to give you a dream full of symbols that don’t apply to anything you know or understand. If you have a fear of dogs and dream of a dog – its meaning is probably fear.

When I had this dream I was seeking God’s counsel in the midst of debating a new job opportunity and was leaning toward not taking it. For me, this dream was God giving me clear-cut direction to take the job.

The back room: It was back in a specific work environment that I had worked in before, but wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to.
Operator’s office: One of the jobs I worked back in the specific work environment was in an operator’s office so I knew what He meant, and because I was in a new job in the dream I knew he meant to accept the new job.

So while studying your dreams and looking for meanings remember that how you think/feel about a symbol has to do with the meaning intended. Keeping record of your dreams and the symbols will lead you to discover your personal dream language that God relates to you through. It is so amazing to see how God will speak through a dream!


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